Need To Sell Your House Fast?

Home For SaleThe internet is full of websites offering to buy your house fast for cash, but in reality, the cash is not money in their pocket, it comes from arranging a mortgage which provides the cash.

So the question is can you sell your house fast? The mortgage market is so unpredictable at the moment that many people are being let down for their sale when ‘so called’ fast-buyers – seemingly for no apparent reason – are having their mortgage application declined.

There are some genuine ‘cash-buyers’ who have immediate access to funds and these people know how attractive their money is to bail people out of financial difficulty.

You have to decide if what they are calling a generous cash offer is the kind of discount you want to give off your property’s market value.

Selling your house fast for cash is not, though, the only way forward for people who are struggling to pay their mortgage.

Mortgage paid for you

It is possible to allow someone else to take over making your monthly mortgage payments and full responsibility for your property, allowing you to move on to another home and starting again.

But why would you consider doing this? The answer is that you shouldn’t if you don’t need to, however, if you are not paying your mortgage your home will be repossessed and you will have no choice about having to find somewhere else to live.

Be proactive

If this is the case, you can be proactive in finding a house of your choice that fits your budget, in an area that you can live, before it’s too late and your home is taken away, forcing you to live in a place that’s not of your liking.

Take action before repossession

Repossession means that you will struggle to get another mortgage probably for at least seven years, and this number of years can be dramatically reduced if you take action before you are repossessed.

It is possible for repossession to be stopped and a plan of action put in place which will allow you and your family to own another home sooner, maybe within two years.


It’s only a case of facing up to facts and not letting pride control you by probably ‘burying your head in the sand’.

Help is available by businesses like Property-Here who will assist you to take action whilst you’re still in control of the situation.

Andy Haynes is a partner with Property-Here and they can be contacted via email or by calling 07783 554 115 (24 hour) and leaving a message clearly, including your name and a contact number (please repeat your contact number).

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