Don’t Get Repossessed Get Relocated

Losing your home is a nightmare that can’t easily be described to someone who hasn’t experienced it, or isn’t going through the turmoil.

All of the hard work and struggle to make a home now just counts for nothing, and you’re likely to be feeling angry, upset, embarrassed and maybe even desperate.

The reality is that you, and often there’s a family involved too, will need to ‘up sticks’ and find somewhere else to move into, and start again.

Minimise your loss

As hard as it is, it’s very important to try to face up to the reality of the situation, and look at how to minimise your loss and prepare for the future.

If the situation is that there’s nothing more you can possibly do to save your home from being repossessed, then why not consider other ideas that could help you to get back onto the property ladder sooner in the future?

Rebuild your credit status

A person whose house or apartment has been repossessed is likely to find it hard to be reconsidered for another mortgage for about seven years.

In the meantime, unless you are fortunate to be able to move in with friends or family, you will need to rent somewhere else.

However, it could be possible to rebuild your credit status and be eligible for a mortgage much sooner, say in two or three years’ time, if you don’t get repossessed, just relocated.

Saving you from being repossessed

The truth is that you will have to move out to somewhere else to call home anyway, so why not take the opportunity of allowing a business like Property-Here to look at saving you from being repossessed.

They can arrange to take over your mortgage, guarantee no missed payments, and will take responsibility for the buildings insurance and any repairs.

These costs are offset by them renting the property out to usually another person or family.

Most mortgage companies are happy to accept this arrangement and Property-Here specialises in negotiating, on your behalf, with your lender to put this into practice.

Great weight off your mind

Being in a position to rebuild your life sooner, with confidence, can be the welcome relief you need, and a great weight off your mind and your shoulders.

Property-Here can be contacted via email or by calling 07783 554 115 (24 hour) and leaving a message clearly, including your name and a contact number (please repeat your contact number).

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