Become a Property Millionaire – Where to Start?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a property millionaire but you don’t know where to start? Well, I believe property investing should be accessible to everyone who seriously wants it.

I started investing in property as a pension plan for my retirement. However, I soon realised that renting homes to tenants, whilst providing a great place for them to live, also offered a continuous passive income for me!

You too can succeed through investing in property

I have been working with Midas Property School and, in a nutshell, they take care of everything for you, leaving you to get on with your life. Midas Estates makes sure you do the right things at the right times and they like to ensure your success.

Midas Estates was formed in 2003 and has a very clear mission statement: “To help as many people as possible find financial freedom through property and design a life of choice”.

Their unique selling point is that they hold your hand over 10 years and make your success their mission. Midas wants to make sure they build a strong, lifelong client relationship with you, gained through trust and integrity.

Here’s a summary of their successful process:
•    You discuss with Midas what you want to achieve
•    You arrange with Midas a financial appraisal
•    Midas does your research
•    Midas negotiates the best property price for you
•    Midas finds the right tenants for you
•    Midas manages the property for you
•    Midas keeps in touch with you and reviews your portfolio

Get your money working for you and not you working for your money

Start by reserving your seat at any of the FREE Property Schools run by Midas – please email me and include the names of the attendees.

** Please note there will be NO seminars, DVDs or property for sale at the Property Schools – just FREE educational fun for you to relax and enjoy yourself **

Start enjoying choices, rather than just fulfilling obligations. Find out how you can benefit from the Midas experience.

Download your FREE property investment guide with our compliments.

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