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 Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We’ve helped hundreds of property investors across the UK to reach their goals.

And our clear purpose is to help dozens more have the clarity they need to achieve greater success too – whatever that means for them.

Lars HelmLars-Helmo-Larsen-100x100o Larsen from Cheshire: “Brilliant talking with you Andy – thanks!!

“You’ve made me feel even more energetic now… have a great day!!”

 Here’s To Your Success…

You already know that a thriving property investment business can be the key to a happy life – and lifestyle – for you and your family, and friends.

We have a team of highly skilled specialists who are ready to support, advise and mentor you towards your goals and aspirations.

Property-Here takes the time to fully understand what it is you need to help you to find your purpose… and then we help you to get there.

Dan-Hill-100x100Dan Hill from Nottinghamshire: “You are such a genuinely nice guy Andy, it is a pleasure just being in your company.

“I wish you all the best in everything you do. In business people like you are few and far between.


Focus on your property journey again right NOW… and KNOW where it’s going to take you!

Simply let us know what needs to happen for you and, if you’re serious about getting things done, we can help and support you to achieve it.

Get in touch with us – our details are on our CONTACT US page and you can also interact with us on Social Media.

Simon-Zutshi-100x100Simon Zutshi from the Property Investors Network: “Andy is a fantastic presenter which is why I have him hosting my Property Mastermind and Accelerator programmes.”


Property Power Team…

We can also link you with a team of professionals who talk the language of the property investor; there’s nothing like speaking with an expert who understands what you need:

  • Property Solicitors
  • Property Bookkeepers
  • Property Accountants
  • Property Coaching
  • Property Mentoring
  • Property Training
  • Property CrowdFund
  • Property Investments

  • Property Leaflets
  • Property Websites
  • Property Developments
  • Property Lettings
  • Property RentBuy
  • Property Marketing
  • Property Call Answering
  • Property Call Tracking Numbers

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